Argumentative Essay On Columbine High School Shootings

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Argumentative Essay In the USA, there is an overwhelming number of children are dying every day, influencing a great deal of money that is spent, while the topic of gun control is discussed as a solution for these events. There is a big talk about deciding if creating more gun control laws is the right decision to prevent more events of gun violence. Everyone knows that gun control laws are not a realistic solution because guns don't kill people. Gun control is not the answer to our nation's number of violent shootings; because most of these shootings happen as a result of mental health struggles and also because there is an overwhelming lack of early crisis intervention screening programs as well as a need for better education for caregivers …show more content…

So with all these kids dying wouldn't you agree that we need better mental health support, so we can prevent all these shootings? I believe that if we had good and strong mental health support services in the USA then tragic events like Columbine H.S. & Sandy Hook would probably never happen. That is why I am supporting for the USA to talk more about how to create more mental health support programs to help prevent gun violence events. Bibliography Works Cited CNN Library "Columbine High School Shootings Fast Facts" (Updated April 5, 2017) (Internet) ( Culp-Ressler, Tara "10,000 Kids Are Injured Or Killed By Guns Each Year In The U.S." Pediatrics Think Progress (2014) (Internet) ( Shepard,C. "Weapons at Columbine" A Columbine Site (April 21, 1999) (Internet) ( Smith, Matt "Sandy Hook killer took motive to his grave" (Updated November 26, 2013) (Internet)

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