USMC Initiative Case Study

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The United States Marine Corps (USMC) develops 14 leadership traits, these are the foundation and guidelines used by Marines in order to create and develop invincible warriors. However, some of these leadership traits have been losing significance among many sergeants. One of the leadership traits that lack the most amongst sergeants is “Initiative” due to micromanagement by senior leadership and technology.
In the USMC, leadership traits are the guidelines to follow in order to be a well-rounded leader of Marines. However, one of those leadership traits lack amongst USMC sergeants, “Initiative”. According with the USMC leadership traits handbook initiative is “taking action even though you haven't been given orders. It includes using resourcefulness …show more content…

To resolve the problem of lack of initiative amongst USMC sergeants is necessary to establish seminars not only for sergeants, but trough out the entire USMC. These seminars will be focus in types of leadership styles, how micromanagement affects initiative. As well will be demonstrate and explain how technology affects the interpersonal communications among Marines. Accoring with Pamela DeLoatch writer from Edudemic, “Creating and establishing tasks to interview each other in person instead of texting questions, Conduct class outside where you can sit and discuss a topic without the usual distractions” , will help to develop that interpersonal communication and situational awareness that will develop the initiative among Marines.
Is imperative to understand the leadership trait of “Initiative” and how micromanagement and technology effects the development of this trait. But is amongst USMC sergeants to live by the leadership traits and generate problem solving, and character. Develop seminars, courses to keep Marines engage with other Marines. As well to provide feedback to senior leadership in how their leadership has been and how it can get

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