Rank Structure Importance

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Importance of Rank Structure All throughout my life I’ve been taught by my mentors that leadership is grown, cultivated, and earned. What organization embodies that the most other than the Marine Corps. In life you are always going to have leaders whether or not you are one or striving to be one. Leadership should be respected even if you dislike the one charge. All leaders no matter how great or revered make mistakes. As someone who strives to be a leader I strive to learn from not only my mistakes but also the mistakes of my leaders. I recently made a mistake I disrespected a leader in front of other leaders. Thus proving that no matter how much I thought of myself as a leader I am not yet a leader.The Marine Corps values rank structure…show more content…
It is up to those striving to be leaders and those who already are leaders to determine how it is seen and treated. One way in which the rank structure is viewed is that of a pyramid. The reasoning behind this is that the person who is in charge sits at the top of the pyramid and commands all those who are below him. The type of leadership the commander or CO deems necessary determines how he or she leads their subordinates. A commander would first, have his sub commanders, i.e. his 1stsgt, company gysgt, and platoon sgt’s. This forms the second level of the pyramid, to issue orders too. Next from there the order from highest to lowest rank forming and ever-expanding pyramid until it reached the lowest rank and there by forming the lowest and biggest level. This allows for orders to be quickly and effectively issued to the Marines. It also allows for accountability to be easily to conducted so that the commander will know if any of his Marines are missing, sick, or injured. This is also one of the most important reasons for the rank structure to have been created is that any time a commander can find out the condition of the Marines in their…show more content…
Respect is a word that has a lot of depth to it no matter what way you use it. The word by definition is kind of hard to pin down concretely because it is subjective, and it can be used in many different ways with many different meanings based on the usage. It is a word that everybody wants a piece of no matter how big or small the piece they get is. All definitions aside, the respect that most people want is the respect that is earned by the showing of honorable actions or personality characteristics. Be it dedication and sacrifices for one’s job or ones moral and ethical views and principles. These are examples of some traits a person can earn respect from normally. I say “Normally” because in all facets of life respect is almost always something to be earned and given on a personal level. My personal view is that showing respect is more a statement about us than those to whom we show it. Others may or may not merit our respect but giving others their dignity protects our integrity and honor. We can set limits, but we do not have to stoop to gross behavior to protect those boundaries. Showing respect to others and allowing them their dignity shows belief in another 's potential and allows healing and growth. We must see that potential. We all need respect, regardless of how immature and gay we behave. We all need others to see our potential and
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