Native American Values: Respect Is Still Important Today

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Respect is a big part of our lives still. Although the presence of many of the virtuous Native American values is very meager today, this one still exists as a miniscule glimmer across our lives. One must have respect for others to first have respect for themselves. You make a choice of how people will see you: as a incorrigible person, or as a respectful person. People will usually treat you accordingly. Native American values are not often held acceptably today. Even by our own people. Times have changed drastically and so have our values, however, not always for the best. Respect is regard towards all beings, and overall everything in creation. Animals are an indubitable example. If you continuously and excessively disrespect an animal, it will grow spiteful towards you and you will lose its trust. In Lakota culture, respect of elders and children was ultimately one of the most important things. It still has …show more content…

But actually, it is a very brilliant and basic principle to uphold. If a person were to go around being formidable and uncivil, most likely they would not receive any kind of positive attention from anyone but people just as discourteous as they are. Another phrase that seems redundant is “You must learn to love yourself before you can love others.” That is another good principle that is often taken for granted ad nauseum. In Native American culture, you must love yourself and everything else in creation to truly achieve wicozani which means wealth by living a life in mental and physical harmony with the world. Native American values are seldom practiced in today’s day and age. Respect still hangs on by a thread that is gradually disintegrating over time. It is held crucial by multitudinous amounts of people today, but it is not practiced enough satisfactorily . All Native American values are important, but this one still holds today

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