Colonial Influence On American Culture

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“The American Flag represents all of us and all of the values we hold sacred” (Cronauer). When Christopher Columbus discovered America a new country was born. Europeans came and settled on this “new” land. They kept and created traditions and values, and we have kept those values ever since. Everyday we follow some of the same values as the early colonists did, but as times changed some of the traditions and values were lost. There are many similarities and differences from the colonial period to now, and these values have affected us today.
There are many cultural values that we share similarities with from the colonial period. These values are expressed in the second document. One cultural value from the colonial period that we still follow today is honoring your parent and elders. Kids and young adults must honor our parents and elders, because that is the respectful thing to do. We also love our friends like how …show more content…

In the colonial period the colonists had the power and force to tell people to get out. An example of this is in the fourth document where it says that all of the Acadians houses, land, and cattle must be forfeited to them. This let us get the land that we live in now and teaches us that we can stand up for what is ours. The colonists were also big on religions, which again, influenced the American values today. They built churches, and ever since the colonists settled, there were churches being built. These churches affect our values because there are churches everywhere near us where we can go and practice our religion. The jobs that colonists had back then in each region also influences our society today. If you look at the first document, there are similar jobs in each region still. In the Southern region there was and still is farming because there is great, rich soil there. There was and is still iron works and fishing still in the New England region

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