New England's Conflicts With Native Americans

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New England’s Economy Farming- New England had very rocky and hard soil. Farmers had terrible issues with growing crops. Farmers cleared rocks and trees from the soil before planting anything, and then struggled even then because of long, cold winters with no or little sunlight for the plants! So, farmers raised cattle to produce farm goods that they traded and sold, for things that higher economies had. Farmers traded grain, wool, fruit, and firewood. Some merchants shipped goods to England and other colonies and had a lot of money. Religion- The Puritans only believed in Catholic religion. They often thought they were being judged by god and referred only to the bible. Every puritan had to attend to church on Sundays. The church service…show more content…
The Native Americans would “sell” land to the colonists thinking that it meant that they would share natural resources, and live together, while the colonists thought the land was theirs to own. Also, the colonists moved into where the American Indians already lived and used as hunting grounds. You might think the Native Americans and the colonists could just agree, but instead, they had huge wars! But how? The Pequot Indians decided they wanted to fight against the colonists for their land back. This lead into the Pequot war. Soldiers from massachusetts helped the colonists fight the Pequot indians, and eventually the colonists pushed out the Native Americans and had victory in the 1630s. A little later after that, in 1675, the colonists and the Indians were not happy with each other for taking land. The war started when some Native Americans attacked a town in Rhode Island. The colonists were unhappy, in fact, extremely angry, so angry that they destroyed a Native American village, nearby the town that had been attacked,…show more content…
The war, named King Philip's war, spread North, into Maine, and also even south into Connecticut. 1 of every 16 colonists were killed. This was mostly men. 3,000 Native Americans were killed, including and one Native that wanted peace, called Metacomet, died. New England’s Trade What did the New England colonies trade? The New England colonies trade ships always left the docks with plenty furs, lumber, grain, whale oil, and dried fish to England. The ships came back with mounds of tea, spices, wine, cloth, shoes, and paper. What trade route did they follow? The new england colonies often used the triangular trade route. This trade route connected England to the New England colonies to Africa. The trade route looked like a triangle on the map, therefore this series of routes was named the triangular trade route. This route was a help to all colonies because it was very
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