The Importance Of Respect In Society

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Do you have an idol or someone that you look up to? If so, you most likely look up to that person because you respect him or her. You may respect them for their qualities or admire their numerous achievements. I believe respect has a different meaning to each person based upon how they look up to someone. I feel that respect is a feeling of admiration and passion for someone because of their qualities. Respect can be for your idol, parents, or teachers. I respect my parents because of all the restless work they put into being parents. I try to do this by listening and saying nice things to them. You may even respect many people without even realizing it. The feeling of disrespect for someone can not only hurt them but their relationship. Therefore, …show more content…

Lastly, respect in the workplace would disappear. The boss role would soon become irrelevant due to none of the workers respecting and listening to them. There is one key component from each of these examples that would ruin society the most, listening. Every day, you most likely listen to what someone is saying. Whether it is a command or just conversation, listening to someone can show tremendous respect. In addition to that, I believe that optimism would disappear. If everyone began to disrespect each other all of the time, positivity would disappear, and most people would become very sad. There is your answer. Society would not function properly due to the lack of listening and disrespect hurting each other. Relationships would be broken, optimism would be countered, and order throughout society would disintegrate.

Many people love the apocalypse genre of movies because they want to picture what the future might have in store for them. While a future without respect may not be as threatening as some of those movies, it is as close to some of those movies as we may get. With this paper to show for it, I believe that a future without respect can lead to a future without optimism that would not function properly. People would become very sad due to all of the disrespect throughout society, leading to a lack of positivity. As Maya Angelou said it, “If we lose love and self-respect for each other, this is how we finally

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