Grandmother's Victory Analysis

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How important is your skin color? In this world most people are discriminated against because of things such as religions, sex, and skin color. Everywhere we are it is very important how people express themselves because this determines how people are going to treat us. Teachers and parents try to teach children about respecting each other, especially adults. According to http://talkingtreebooks.com/ Respect is “thinking and acting in a way that shows others you care about their feelings and their well-being”. When two people respect each other, it makes the world more peaceful to live.The world without respect would be a world with many conflicts and much unhappiness. Some people control themselves when someone disrespects or offends …show more content…

Grandmother Henderson has two rules for life. The two rules are “ Thou shall not be dirty and thou shall not be impudent ” ( Angelou 27). Grandma Henderson believe that her grandchildren have to be clean and polite. If they were not clean she whipped them. Maya tell us ,“Each night in the bitterest winter we were forced to wash faces, arms, necks,legs and feet before going to bed”(Angelou 27). This clearly shows that her grandchildren required them to be super clean even though the water was freezing cold, they had to do what she said. Close to grandmother's house, lived with some white families that they called “powhitetrash”. Maya tell us“Everyone she knew respected these customary laws, except for the powhitetrash children” (Angelou 28). The powhitetrash were disrespectful to grandmother anytime that they were in the store. Also “All adults had to be addressed as mister, missus,miss, uncle unk” (Angelou 28). Grandmother taught grandchildren to respect their elders. She was so strict with her grandchildren because she wanted her grandchildren to be different from the powhitetrash children. One day, some powhitetrash children went to the grandmother’s store and the children began to make fun of grandmother, mimicking her cruelly. Maya tell us“Then one of them wrapped her right arm in the crook of her left, pushed out her mouth …show more content…

Maya understood that her grandmother won because she kept her faith and self-respect, providing a powerful example for Maya. The grandmother was smart and respectful because she ignored them instead of get mad and beating one of them. Also Momma addresses the girls with respect, demonstrating her maturity. She shows that, even though these girls may be above her on the social level, she is better and stronger than they are in education. she has good self control she knew how to control the

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