Chrystal Meeker Analysis

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Chrystal Meeker

When becoming a mother, the first instinct is to protect and raise a healthy child at whatever cost. Habits are drop as well as large life changes. The last bite is given as well as altering one’s life style to insure the child has no needs. This could mean getting rid of negative, toxic people who could pose as a threat or even a sleeping pattern may need to be altered. However, the child comes first and the mothers wants are secondary.

The mother in this poem is a strong soul. She holds herself together in a difficult situation that could end up with her entire family hungry. Unknown to her children she is going hungry so that they might eat. The mother keeps this a secret so that her children do not have to deal with adult problems and allow them to play and act as children might. …show more content…

She acted unkind to her mother when she saw this and asked why she was doing this. When the mother confessed what she has done the elder daughter had to face up to the abuse she has put her mother through. Even though the daughter was being unruly and cruel the mother stood proud and strong and did what was needed to provide and feed her children.

In conclusion, I believe this is a message of hope and love, not of poverty. The two daughters will one day be mothers, if they are lucky and might have to sacrifice life their mother has. It opens a new light for the daughters on the strength and grace their mother has shown raising her children. At the end the eldest daughter tells the younger sister this story and the young daughter goes to hug her mother as a thank you for all she has done and a sorry for what she has put her

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