Poem Analysis Of Choices By Nikki Giovanni

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“Choices” Nikki Giovanni is a strong woman who expresses her emotions through the words she write. With every stanza or line that she wrote there was a significant meaning behind it. Giovanni used her words as a window to speak and inspire. This poem entitled “Choices” by Nikki Giovanni was written after her father’s death. Giovanni was very distraught by the sudden death of her father. This was an unexpected turn, as he passed away on June 8,1982, the day after his 39th birthday. This was the very same year that Giovanni decided to write this poem. She used this poem as a window to reach her readers, while letting out her deepest emotions through poetry to mourn the lost of her father. This is a double-sided piece of poetry that deals with decisions; implying that there are two conflicting sides of the story. In the passage it discusses the decisions one makes when you think you are entitled to something. These choices you have are between things you do not acknowledge. In Nikki Giovanni’s, “Choices” Giovanni shed light upon the choices we cannot control through her aggressive tone, sense of entitlement, and reality. Before all else the author comes out aggressive and solid expressing that "If I can’t do what I want to do then my job is to not do what I don’t want to …show more content…

The reality of the situation was that she had no control over her father’s death. There was nothing or no way that she could have prevented the events that took place. Although she was extremely angry with the situation at hand she learned that she had other things to be grateful for. She wanted people to know that even though something or someone has passed away you can’t stay stuck in the state of depression forever. You have to step back and look at your life because the reality is, life still moves on. You have to make the best of what you have right now by doing everything to the best of your abilities; Living life with no

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