Nikki Rosa Poem Analysis

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“Nikki-Rosa” Poem Analysis In the poem “Nikki- Rosa,” Nikki Giovanni writes with diction and imagery to prove that’s she had a happy childhood in spite of her family’s hardships. Giovanni creates a poem, that although short in words, provides a lasting effect on the reader. Giovanni’s creative use of language and descriptive words, the distinction of black culture from white culture, and memories of average times that made her childhood unique and happy made this poem distinct and exceptional. Giovanni frequently references to her happy childhood in her poem using words and phrases that create an image in your mind showing you that her childhood was in fact a happy one. “You and your sister have happy birthdays and very good Christmases” (Lines 20), illustrates that not only was her childhood was happy but the simple …show more content…

“Because they never understand Black love is Black wealth” (Line 22), proving that although people judge about the welfare of black people, all that is needed is love and that is enough. She then ends the poem with “ I really hope no white person ever has the cause to write about me” (Line 21), which in her mind she thought you wouldn’t understand the culture and how you could be happy in that environment if you weren’t there. People usually imagine black families impoverished, upset, or angry, but with this poem she explains that she had a family that was nothing like that and her family’s love made her childhood great. Nikki Giovanni said a lot more than she wrote in this poem, by showing the flip side to what everybody thinks is a horrible lifestyle to live in. She explains that her parents had love for her, even though they had their own problems. Giovanni paints a picture in your mind of her childhood with this poem, thus proving that she had a happy

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