Truth By Gwendolyn Brooks Analysis

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The poem Truth, by Gwendolyn Brooks, has a lot of symbolism in it. Different things throughout the poem both represent parts of the Civil Rights movement as well as things that we can relate to our lives today. She did really well with her literary elements used, especially personification. This makes her writing more relatable and realistic in our minds to grasp. Truth is a wonderful poem full of all sorts of different literary elements. In the first stanza, we can already see how this poem can relate to the world today and how we feel about certain things. We as humans don't like change. Sometimes, we want something to happen so bad, that we don't consider how our life might change if this wish, this hope of something, actually happened. We sometimes may want something so bad, but fear what the consequences might be if something goes …show more content…

I think that this was her main goal with this poem as well. It is stating about how when they finally do get equal rights, will they jump at the opportunity, or shy away in fear of change? I think that it is really interesting how she could relate this to her own life along with ours, even though it would be many years into the future. Personification is a main literary device used in this poem. She often refers to the sun as a person. Someone that we can "...Hear the fierce hammering Of his firm knuckles Hard on the door..." It goes on in this style throughout the entire poem, and it really adds to us being to understand the purpose of the poem. Truth, by Gwendolyn Brooks, is a wonderful piece of literature that uses much symbolism, comparing it both to life itself and the Civil Rights Movement. At first I was wondering how the title even fit in to the topic of it, but then I realized that Brooks was just trying to show us that this is what we truly do and that it is something that needs to stop. We can't live in fear of the

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