My Relentless Pursuit By Amanda Enayati Analysis

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Dealing with Fear
Fear plays an important role in how we act and what we do. There are many examples on ways that people react to fear irrationally. Fear is a great strategy if used right. The fact about fear is that if evidence is present, true or false, people tend to react and believe it out of impulse. They think and act before they use common sense. Sometimes without even thinking, people face their fears of a certain situations that lead them no choice but to be courageous in a feared situation.
To face fear you must have courage. Fear and courage go hand in hand. Amanda Enayati told her story in “My Relentless Pursuit” of a time when fear turned into courage. Someone broke into her car in front of her house and stole her valuable belongings. Knowing it was her husband's fault for leaving the car unlocked. Enayati knew there was no point to call the cops since the car was unlocked. The not knowing is a curious, unfulfilling, feeling a person can go through. …show more content…

Enayati needed that satisfaction of getting to the bottom of finding who stole from her. It occurred to her to maybe check craigslist to find some of her belongings. With range of emotions rushing in her she found a similar GPS that was stolen from her car on craigslist. Enayati impulsively emailed the potential thief regarding the GPS for sale. When you are in such high of emotions you start to do things out of impulse. Enayati did her own investigating by running the email address used on craigslist to find anything in valuable use to maybe getting her stuff back. Success Enayati found out more informations on the thief then she

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