Maya Angelou And Langston Hughes Comparison

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During the 1900s, there were many famous authors who wrote about African Americans and Civil Rights. This was what was going on during this time period. Segregation and discrimination towards blacks was increasing. Two famous authors were Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. Langston Hughes wrote the poem “I, Too, Sing America.” Maya Angelou wrote the poem “Still, I rise.” These two poems both have their own meaning but are still similar in many ways. To begin, Hughes poem was about how African Americans were looked at as differently. The poem was about how blacks were segregated from whites. They were treated different and not looked at as human beings. Blacks were not allowed to do stuff that whites did. Hughes wrote about how blacks were not allowed to eat at the table with other white people. They had to leave and eat somewhere else. This poem is mainly about segregation during this time. Blacks and whites were …show more content…

First, they are written around the same time period and both about blacks being discriminated. Both the poems gave African Americans a little bit of hope that one day they will be allowed to be around whites and looked at as the same. These poems may be different, but they both have the same meaning. If anyone is going through a rough time in their life, they can overcome it. Blacks were treated terribly and went through some of the roughest times, but they never stopped fighting and never lost hope. That is why these poems are about and why they are so similar. Finally, many poems during this time were written about Civil Rights. There were many writers, especially African American authors that wrote about all the horrible things that were going on during this time. There were many more writers like Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. There is such a bigger meaning to these poems on overcoming hardships in life that everyone has to go through. To not give up and to fight for what is

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