La Llorona Myths

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La Llorona Ever wonder what it 's like at night in Mexico, what people see, what people hear, what happens in the dark? Many have and many find out the hard way. Whether that be misbehaving with their elders or just simply wondering out in the dark alone, not caring what happens. Always be on the lookout, always, because shadows are lurking, and waiting. This tale was created in Mexico, said to scare children and others say it 's true, and waiting to come and get us. This myth was called "La Llorona" or in English "the weeping woman" and she doesn 't hesitate to take you. La Llorona originated from Mexico hundred of years ago. Her real name was Maria but most prefered La Llorona. The myth began when parents still made arranged marriages, and La Llorona happened to be one of the misfortunate ladies. Her parents married her to a man of high class instead of the man she loved. Neither he or she were content with the marriage or each other, the feelings were mutual. Even though they didn 't love each other, they didn 't get a divorce for the fact that those who were …show more content…

There are a couple stories that match parts of La Llorona, such as when the Llorona kills her children to cause the husband pain because she was jealous, In connection to the conflict, it relates to the greek myth of Philomela and Procne, because Philomela cooks her kids and feeds it to the husband because she wanted to cause him pain and because she was jealous that her husband married her sister as well. These stories show how both women did something to their children to make their husband angry or miserable because of their jealousy. It also relates to how each god was blamed for a specific thing, such as how Hera was blamed for marriage, La Llorona blamed for children 's disappearances . There is also many stories where god(s) give punishment to others, exactly how La Llorona was punished/condemned to stay on earth wondering like a lost soul, looking for her kids or any kids

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