Analysis Of Cinderella

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In the list of the world’s most watched fairy tales, Cinderella is of no exception. Over the years, seven hundred versions of Cinderella have been created all over the world in different languages (Kelley, 1994). In the 19th century, the first written form of the story was published in China. However, a modern version of Cinderella collated in France in 1697 by Charles Perrault (Williams, 2016) has become very popular in the United States (Kelley, 1994). Based on Perrault’s version, Walt Disney created a full-length animation of Cinderella in 1950 ( Staff, 2009).
From Disney’s Cinderella (blueberryeminem13, 2013), Cinderella lost her mother at a young age. Few years later, her father remarried Lady Tremaine. Lady Tremaine had two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella, who were around the same age as Cinderella. Cinderella was loved by all her animals especially the mice, Gus and Jaq. Her step-sisters were very different from her. They were materialistic and did not like Cinderella. As time passed, Cinderella’s Father also passed away. At that moment, Lady Tremaine began to portray her hatred and jealousy for Cinderella’s beauty. She moved Cinderella to the attic, turned her into a slave when her daughters had drained the family of its wealth. Cinderella worked all day doing all the house chores and bathing Lady Tremaine’s cat, Lucifer. One day, the King’s messenger arrived with a special invitation which ordered all young maidens ready for marriage to attend a royal

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