Analysis Of The Wife's Story By Ursula K. Leguin

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The Wife’s Story Ursula K. Leguin is a short story describing a wife retrospective of her husband who she thought of as a loving and caring father and husband a somewhat perfect person always gentle. Yet he had a fatal flaw that led to his death that the wife failed to recognize until it was too late. Throughout the story, the wife recounts important events that led to his deaths events that should have been clues to aid her to recognize the flaw within her husband. In the story, Leguin shows us how the wife’s perception was deceiving her. She was looking at her husband but couldn’t see him for whom he really was. Leguin opens up the story with the wife saying that she doesn’t understand it and that she doesn’t believe it happened and although she saw what happened she refuses to believe it. She refused to believe it even though she saw it her own eyes because he was a gentle and kind-hearted man. The facts were shown to her and there was no denying the event that occurred yet she refused to believe it because her perception of her husband wouldn 't allow her to accept it. Throughout the story, the wife describes he character of the husband and his traits. “A hard worker and never lazy, and so big and fine‐looking He didn’t take things hard, he didn’t grouch and whine when things didn’t go his way” She describes the time that they spent together as a wonderful time a time filled with joy that she will never now again. His character was too good almost perfect not only did

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