Poem Analysis: Mother And Daughter By Gary Soto

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What is your worth?, what makes you happy?, what makes you sad or disappointed?. Life has ups and downs and turnarounds but do you give up?. Mother and Daughter by Gary Soto is and short little that discuss the hardship of this young girl named Yollie along with her mother. Armitage Street by David Hernandez is a short poem that is about a narrator whose’ waiting on a train to leave Armitage Street their favorite childhood street. Both of these authors shows there's no need to have it all just make the best of what you have. Gary shows this through Metaphor and Character actions and David did this through First Person and Description. Both of these text proves life has struggles and things is not always perfect. In the text “Mother and Daughter” Yollie and her mom are both trying to make ends meet they are poor and it’s hard for her mother to get her everything she wants. Throughout the story Mrs. Moreno sacrifices everything and a piece of evidence i can pull from the text is “ We don’t have the money said her mother, genuinely sad because …show more content…

The writer uses description when they was leaving their street they described how it was leaving their street. For example it says “I looked down on Armitage Street full of quaint old building, upscale stores and fashion by dressed mothers pushing white-walled baby cartridges.” Here we see why they loved “Armitage Street” and how description took a big part in by describing how their street looked. This short poem uses repetition all through this piece of poetry when the narrator tells how they miss their Armitage Street. In the source the line “it seems like yesterday on Armitage Street” reruns numerous times. I think this clarify the theme because since the author had so many memories on their street and now it’s a memory but to them it appear like

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