Summary Of Quotes From 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

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BADADING BADABOOM!!!!!!!!!!! We caught Mr. Ewell in a trap that Atticus set it for him. This can foreshadow that Mr. Ewell might have abuse her daughter, because the evidence shows that Mayella was mostly hit in her right side of her face, which means the abuser was left-handed and proves how it could be her own father. Ewwwwwwww that disgust me because it is inappriote for a father to abuse his own daughter. Does any father feels embarrassed when abusing his own daughter? If I was a father, I wouldn’t do that to my own daughter because wh have rules in our community that needs to be follow. But knowing the Ewells, rules are their cup of tea. Overall, This shows how a female voice is in the shadows in their society, because no seeks for …show more content…

This is getting tense from the moment when the court begins. I read the three testimonies that accuse Tom Robinson for raping Mayella. As a bookworm, I don’t believe that liar because the way the author describes her reaction when she is being question. For example, this quote shows how Mayella didn’t answer for three times which shows she is lying and hiding something that can make Tom Robinson not guilty. In Mayella’s point of view towards the case, she says how Tom Robinson (whose left hand is shorter) raped her. As a lawyer, they need to figure out how a testimony is lying. Two ways will be inappropriate emotions and inconsistencies. Inappropriate emotions are how they dramatically feels angry, sadness, or fear. Mayella cries in most of her testimony which means she is hiding something and wants to buy time to think of a lie. Inconsistence means it contradicts what they say. For example, Mayella says Tom raped her with all his force, but Tom is crippled with one hand shorter. And this brought questioned because how a crippled man would raped her and had the force as any men will? Dun Dun Duuuuuun Tom Robinson was injured and Mayella felt into Atticus’s trap, which any lawyer will do. Towards this, Atticus is like a secret ninja and you don’t know when he is going to attack. This is what I like about Atticus because he is very intelligent to make people be stuck in their own trap. Her point of view towards this case was the same point of …show more content…

The three testimonies shows how Tom is the villain of the case, but how can we trust the Ewell’s if they can’t be trusted. As the previous plot says, the Ewell’s were misbehave, dirty, and rude. Who to trust, our race or justice? Even though the Ewell’s are white they are not to be trusted, but we can see that race is important than justice. In addition to, Tom is like a mocking bird. In the previous chapter, it says that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. Mockingbirds are innocence because they bring joy not disaster. It relates to Tom because he is just a helpful kind black man. In his testimony, he says he was just helping around Mayella and not intending to abuse her. We could tell he is innocence because he is just a helpful man in Maycomb. He intends no harm to no one because he brings help in helpful and not cruel in

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