My Papa's Waltz Devices Analysis

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“Fences” the play by August wilson and “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke, Both share a common theme and are based around the love of family. Love that can also cause pain intentionally but can accidentally hurt the people around them. ”Fences” and “My Papa’s Waltz” embodies character, symbolism and, figurative language throughout both poem and and play. In “Fences” the play tells the life of an average African American garbage collector Troy Maxson. Who is dissatisfied with his life which indeed causes a lot of friction with his family throughout the play. With such dissatisfaction Troy’s behavior leads him to drink and tarnish some relationships around him. He is a dedicated to providing for his family but has major flaws. Fences falls under the category of family drama, as it follows the struggles of the Mason family. Characters use figurative language constantly throughout the play. Often, Troy talk about life and speaks of death as “a fastball on the outside corner”(1.1.52) Also, …show more content…

A father and son romping around in the kitchen as the mother is looking. While others may view this poem as a family torn by a father's misfortunes. In line 1, the word “Whiskey” gives some characteristics of the fathers crooked ways. Continuing on, the signs of foul play and roughness with his hands, "battered on one knuckle", and "a palm caked hard by dirt".(11-14) More so, some of “Papa” few escapes most likely consist of a drink when he gets home from a rough day. Concluding, “Papa”makes his own family feel very uncomfortable around him. Although “Papa” may not be the most sensitive man around, but he is still to be a hero in his son's eyes. Referring from the title of “My Papa’s Waltz”, “Papa” does not seem like he’s being violent intentionally but not accidentally hurting his son. This poem also, symbolizes dance in the relationship of a father and

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