The Secret To Not Getting Stuck Jay Woodruff Analysis

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Making countless mistakes is part of being a parent, there is no definition for a perfect one.The characteristics of a “good” parent do emerge throughout literature and in the world around us. “The Secret to Not Getting Stuck” by Jay Woodruff is a short story in which a teenager deals with his dysfunctional drunk of a father all the while pursuing his own passions in life. Through his struggle with his father’s demise, his mother embodies what it is to be a good parent. She continues to be strong and resilient for her grieving son while letting him pursue his passions. Being a good parent involves having an authoritative yet understanding and pliable view on a child’s wants and needs in life.

Setting rules and boundaries with an authoritative attitude in parenting is essential. Letting a child have too much freedom does not end well. Children often get into mischief or serious trouble. The grandmother in HFSW gives the girl too much space and allows disrespect and defiance take place. The girl loathes her living situation and throws around hurtful comments such as, “I could turn this whole house over, dump it!” The girl’s desire to defy her caretaker puts both in a sticky situation. Had the grandmother set even a few ground rules with her granddaughter, possibly some of …show more content…

A good parent has to provide for their child on an emotional basis and beyond. In some of the works of literature we read, qualities of a good parent became apparent. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Parents need to make mistakes to learn for themselves and set a good example for their children. Balance is a major key in parenting. Without balance in life the scales can tip and a child may not develop in a healthy manner. Some parents can never be classified as “good” simply because they let their problems or outside issues obstruct care for their

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