The Princess And The Beetle Analysis

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Lesson 2: Thereby Hangs a Tale

The Maya as any other great culture is rich in mythology /mɪˈθɑl•ə•dʒi/. It has a wide range of stories, traditions, and beliefs associated their way of living. Below you will find two of the most popular tales the Maya accepted and shared with their children. By reading them you will have a better understanding of their moral values and their history.

The Princess and the Beetle Cuzan (“swallow”), a beautiful Mayan princess was the daughter of Ahnú Dtundtunxcaán one of the most powerful kings in the Maya world and lord of Yaxchlán the sacred city. Her beauty was known throuhout the earth and people sometimes waited for hours to catch a glimpse of her beauty. What only few were aware of was that she also
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The dwarf of Uxmal There was a woman who was rumored to be a witch. One day she found a tiny egg that filled her with joy. She took great care of it and every day she took it out to look at it and to caress it. Several weeks later the egg hatched and a child was born. The witch rocked the baby, and seeing such tenderness, the witch said. "From today on, I shall be your mother and you shall be my son." The child grew to be only a few inches tall, and in a short time changed in appearance. He grew a beard and his nose became very long. He was indeed, a dwarf. When the witch realized this she loved the child all the more.
The witch loved the dwarf tenderly and spoiled him in every way possible. But there was only one thing he forbid him to do. It was to play the tunkul (a percussion instrument) which lay by the fire. One day when the witch was away he couldn’t stand temptation and banged it, and the sound reverberated far afield.
When the witch heard the sound said, “What you have done cannot be mended. But I can assure you that before long things will happen that will fill the people with fear and you will have to bear the
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