North Vietnam Essays

  • Food Culture In Vietnam Cuisine

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    of rich culture. Learn about the cuisine of a country is the easiest way to understand more about the history and people of this country. So this essay is introduction to everyone about the beauty very characteristic of the country and people of Vietnam, the beauty of food culture in different types. In

  • Mulan Character Analysis

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    Mulan The movie is about the struggles and success of a woman named Mulan. Everything she did was a mess and brought disgrace to her family. An opportunity came and what turned out to be an action to protect her father turned out to be an avenue for her to prove herself of her worth. Since the Chinese army only allowed men, she entered the army disguised as a man. The training in the camp was hard considering that what they were up against is a strong Mongolian army. She was turning out to be a

  • Loss Of Innocence In Marjane's Persepolis

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    Innocence is one of the most characteristic attributes of young children. When this is taken away from a child in quick succession, this is called loss of innocence. At the beginning of Persepolis, Marjane is a young child, easily impressionable, and innocent. However, as the book continues, she idolizes her ambition to become a rebellious child. The events happening at the time were also heightening her loss of innocence, with wars and difficult situations being plentiful. With this in mind, It

  • Indonesian Ethnic Conflict Causes

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    Causes to Indonesia’s Ethnic Conflicts Ei Hnin Phyu Aung International School of Myanmar Never in the human history has there been a country that never faces problems. Hence, it is also not surprising that Indonesia has ethnic conflicts; the country is comprised of more than 1,000 different ethnic groups and subgroups. It seems impossible for all ethnicities in Indonesia to coexist without a problem. On May 21, 1998, thirty two years of dictatorship in Indonesia came to an end with President

  • Communism In The Giver

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    communism. Communism builds on the idea that everyone is the same and should earn the same amount of money regardless of their profession. The most important with communism is that there should not be any class distinctions. China, Laos, Cuba and Vietnam

  • Military Issues In The Vietnam War

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    Introduction The Vietnam War was a Cold War-era military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Before the Vietnam War, it was believed that any problem can solved with the use of military. But in Vietnam War, countries like USA, become to know that, war is not a solution of every problem in Southern Asia. In this war, one side was represented by the USA, who had the support of west European countries and other side was North Vietnam

  • Westmoreland: The Vietnam War

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    The infamous Vietnam war cast serious doubt on Westmoreland’s claims of progress in the war effort. Even after the war, Westmoreland fought off criticisms of his conduct of the war in Vietnam. The United States began developing ground forces to Vietnam under Westmoreland who had decided to conduct a war based on Attrition. His strategy of attrition aimed to inflict heavy losses on North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces using search and destroy operations tactics and superior U.S. firepower. Westmoreland

  • Media In Vietnam War Essay

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    In the time frame of the Vietnam war there were a collection of sources of media to explain what was going on with the troops and the war itself. The media could be a clarification of the land of Vietnam. A song recorded by the band named The Animals gives a sturdy explanation of the layout of Vietnam that will be discussed later on. Before getting into the media, what was the Vietnam war and how did the United States get involved in it? The Vietnam war was a very long, costly conflict to stop the

  • Reunification Day

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    Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Vietnam, the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam, and the United States, the Paris Peace Accords were signed in Paris1. Following the agreement, the U.S troops withdrew out of Vietnam. Just over two years after the peace treaty was signed, on April 30, 1975, the South of Vietnam was defeated by the Communist North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese supporters of the communist, also known as the Viet Cong. Officially, in Vietnam, April

  • Argumentative Essay: The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War is a hot topic, should there be war or not? Lyndon B. Johnson says yes to war and Martin Luther King says no to war. In “Speech of Vietnam” by L.B.J. he is saying why it is best to go to the Vietnam War. While in “Beyond Vietnam” by M.L.K. he is saying why it is not necessary to go to to war. The Vietnam War is what is best for America and for other the nations. The cause of the Vietnam War began with a colonial war between Vietnam and the French. The Vietnamese were trying to free

  • Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Speech Analysis

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    Vietnam was under the control of the French in the 19th century, and the Japanese from 1940s onwards, although the French still had nominal power. Therefore, when the Japanese left Vietnam after surrendering, Ho Chi Minh seized this chance to proclaim independence for North Vietnam, hence resulting in the birth of this speech . Ho was and is still a widely known figure, as he founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and led Vietminh in their fight against the Japanese until 1945, and the French

  • Greedence Clearwater Revival Songs Analysis

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    Creedence Clearwater Revivals song “Fortunate Son”, because this song spoke to the masses during the Vietnam Conflict taking place on the other side of the world. Creedence Clearwater Revival created a song that shared what the many people believed in the United States and helped get their voices heard. “Fortunate Son” shared the true story about majority of the middle and lower class Americans feelings. Vietnam had just gone through a war through 1954 to push France their colonial ruler out. After successfully

  • Vietnam War Events

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    The Vietnam war was a devastating long war with many conflicts. The war began on November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975. The war all began because of the communist party that began to rise in Northern Vietnam. The U.S. helped Southern Vietnam fight against the Viet Cong. They also fight against Northern Vietnam to stop communism. American men were also drafted,which heavily impacted families in the U.S. Through research and close examination of events related to the Vietnam War, a person can

  • Heroism In The Vietnam War

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    Vietnam War “War does not determine who is right - only who is left.” ~ Bertrand Russell. The famous quote from Bertrand Russell describes the reality of war. War only lets the powerful and the wealthy side win and not the righteous side. On an average 378,000 people die each year at war while 1,450,000 people died in the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war started on 1 November 1955 and lasted until 30 April 1975. The war was fought between the North Vietnamese Communist government and the South Vietnamese

  • The Vietnam War: The Anti-War Movement

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    The Vietnam War, which lasted from 1954–1975, is one of the most intriguing examples of foreign policy in American history and is notable for being one of the few wars where the U.S. was not the victor, as well having one of the strongest Anti-War movements the nation has seen (). After 1954, Vietnam, which had previously been a French Colony, was split apart during the negotiation for the Indochina Wars, with the northern Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by the Vietnam Communist Party, and the

  • The My Lai Massacre: The Impact Of The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War lasted for 20 years (1955-1975), more than 2 million lives were lost. 3 million people were wounded, and thousands of children were left orphans. The war destroyed both North and South Vietnam. In my opinion, war is, unnecessary and useless. We must strive towards peace and harmony not violence. Wars are destructive. Blood shed is unnecessarily. The Vietnam War affected many troops as well as ordinary civilians. What happened on 31 January 1968? 31 January 1968, 70,000 North Vietnamese

  • Naked Girl Aesthetic Analysis

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    The historical context behind this photo is the attack from the North Vietnamese army to the South Vietnamese. The South Vietnamese were supported by the United States army.This strike was supposed to end the war between the North and South Vietnam. The technical constraints in this image is that to make a difference in the situation of both countries, something big had to happen so the napalm strike worked as a war ender but it also left children running for their lives burning which is an inhuman

  • Decolonization In Vietnam Essay

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    When travelling through Vietnam nowadays, one could immediately notice that the country was occupied by the French. The architecture has French influences, the language contains French words and many hospitals and universities are still named after famous French people. The colonization and decolonization have had a huge impact on Vietnam. From 1887 until 1956, Vietnam was part of French Indochina (Ziltener & Künzler, 2013 p. 293). French Indochina belonged to the French colonial empire, being a

  • Vietnam: Causes And The Impacts Of The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War had a crucial impact on the Vietnamese and the Americans’ Home life. Not only did it have an impact on these people but also the impact on the American fighters. Between 1963 and 19 73 the US had sent thousands upon thousands of soldiers to the battle grounds in Vietnam. At the start of the war the American soldiers were fixed on the reasons they were fighting however towards 19 68 the troops were considering the real reasons’ they were involved in the war, due to this 500’000 troops

  • Apocalypse Now The Movie Essay

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    Apocalypse now redux is an American movie set during the Vietnamese War , directed by Francis Ford Coppola and first released in 1979. It is inspired by Joseph Conrad’s novel : Heart of Darkness. The movie takes place in Vietnam in 1970 and narrates the journey of Captain Willard up the river to find and kill Colonel Kurtz. In this essay the question : How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? will be analysed by looking at the depiction of the american troops in the first