How Did The Vietnam War Affect People's Life

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On November 1st, 1955, a country divided into two, North and South Vietnam will soon have a war known to many countries around the world. The Vietnam War, or the Second Indochina War occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. At the time, Vietnam had a dispute on what the country should be, Communistic or Republic, which had led war breaking out. North as the Viet Cong group while the Republic Of Vietnam group was South; eventually unexpected events started to unfold, leading towards the end of the war. To this very day, The Vietnam War has changed the ways how many civilians live their lives, especially my family.

On December 19th, 1946, Ho Chi Minh created a group called, Viet Minh in order to regain control of Vietnam from the French. During the war, France had suffered from many things, although they had advanced artillery and financial aid with the U.S. France had lacked knowledge of Guerrilla Warfare, since they had never experienced fighting in a jungle. They had also had a problem identifying enemies, since most had dressed like citizens, or citizens newly recruited to part of Viet Minh. Eventually, France had fallen to Vietnam on August 1st, 1954 at Dien Bien Phu and is recognized to the French as a free country. …show more content…

We mourn the losses of close relatives that died the day of the Vietnam War. After the war, “Re-education Camps” opened up for the South Vietnam were captured Vietnameses had been forced to do extremely harsh work like what my grandpa had did before. When the war happened, economy went down, bits of rations of food barely to be found, and no education affected the ways my family thinks about education, especially me. The Vietnam War changed a lot for me and my family, we know now how special education is, hard work, sympathy towards lost lives, and how our lifestyle today is privileged; although it may have been war, it’s now

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