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  • Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Speech Analysis

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    the control of the French in the 19th century, and the Japanese from 1940s onwards, although the French still had nominal power. Therefore, when the Japanese left Vietnam after surrendering, Ho Chi Minh seized this chance to proclaim independence for North Vietnam, hence resulting in the birth of this speech . Ho was and is still a widely known figure, as he founded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and led Vietminh in their fight against the Japanese until 1945, and the French, in the battle at Dien

  • Ho Chi Minh Research Paper

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    Raven Tracy 7th grade english Mrs.King January 12, 2016 Ho Chi Minh Many people don't know who Ho Chi Minh was or is. If you think about it he did a lot while he was alive. like what he did in the war and before and after the war well there was no him after the war. Ho Chi Minh did some things during his early life. Ho Chi Minh was born May 19, 1890 . according to History.com Staff He was born with one brother . His brother never liked him but they did everything together .He also went to school

  • Ho Chi Minh City Essay

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    Introduction Tourism is one of the most growing among the global economy, which contributes about 9.8% of world GDP (WTTC, 2015). Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon as commonly called is one of the most famous tourist’s attractions because of its local friendliness, wide range of food diversity, multicultural and high pace of life. Regarding to tourism industry, according to Cong (2015), it contributed approximately 11% GDP to the city’s economy. Therefore, tourism industry is bringing a huge profit in the

  • Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Research Paper

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    As stated by Ho Chi Minh, “All men are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (Lawrence, p27). With these powerful words, one might ask should we all help each other out when in need. No matter how risky the situation is or should we only risk it if it helps our country? At first glance I would say yes, we should assist the Vietnam’s while assisting other countries in the war also. This means

  • Ho Chi Minh's Role In Vietnam

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    1. Introduction Ho Chi Minh, born on the 9.05.1890 in Huang Tru during the French occupation of Vietnam, experienced the brutal and exploiting French colonialism with all its consequences already in a very young age. In the 1980 's, French had full control over the Union of Indochina which were formed by the three countries: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Vietnam itself was separated into three states such as Cochin China, Annam and Tonkin. Ho, influenced by his father, a confucian teacher, early

  • Marxism-Leninism, Thoughts Of Ho Chi Minh

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    political ideology and succeed such as Cuba, Laos, China, North Korea, Vietnam. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh created a new ideology called “Thoughts of Ho Chi Minh”. Even today, they are still playing an important role for economic, politic. But considered yourself as a doctor, engineer, manager,… you don’t want to take this course because there are many reasons. That’s why Marxism–Leninism, Thoughts of Ho Chi Minh shouldn’t be a major course or it should be at least a selective course. First of all,

  • The Importance Of Technology In The Vietnam War

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    Vietnam has been a French Colony from the 1880s but the French lost its position of Vietnam during the World War II (WWII) and that is when Japan took over the control of Vietnam. After the surrender of Japan in WWII in 1945, a communist leader Ho Chi Minh’s force started they struggle for Vietnam to be an Independent country. The Vietnamese fought for independence and they claimed it in 1954 but their country was divided into 2 as part of Geneva accords. The north was ruled by a communist leader

  • Ho Chi Minh Airport Overcapacity Case Study

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    Current Problem Ho Chi Minh Airport ranked as the 8th worst airport in the world. In addition, it also ranked as 4th worst airport in Asia. Based on the figure we can know that Ho Chi Minh airport encounters many problems from internal to external. Next, We identify the major problems of the airport. Overcapacity Overcapacity is the common problem faced by majority number of airport around the world, so does Ho Chi Minh. We identify the overcapacity problem in Ho Chi Minh airport into airfield area

  • Vietnam War Containment Policy

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    The Vietnam War was an ongoing war between the Republic of South Vietnam and the Communist country of North Vietnam. There were various U.S. policies established in the Vietnam War that affected the outcome of the war. These policies included the Domino theory also known as the containment policy, the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, and Vietnamization. All of these U.S. policies significantly affected the Vietnam War in many different ways. The Domino Theory also known as the containment policy controlled

  • Ho Chi Minh's Role In The Vietnam War

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    November 1955 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Creighton Abrams, Ho Chi Minh, William Westmoreland, John F. Kennedy, and Vo Nguyen Giap are some of the Big leaders during those times. The most important theme to bring is how this guys participated in the Vietnam War. Lets start with the North Side of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese revolutionary leader that supports communism. Ho Chi Minh organized and also led the Viet Minh to fight for Vietnamese Independence. Since 1945, he became prime

  • Air Pollution In Ho Chi Minh City Essay

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    sources of food. A new report on “Real Air pollution in Ho Chi Minh City” from the branch of Environmental Protection, part of Natural Resources and Environment Department showed that atmospheric pollution in Ho Chi Minh city has been getting worse, chiefly by exhaust emission from transportation and industry such as traffic vehicles (about 2.4 million motorcycles and more than 241 thousand different types of vehicles in use in Ho Chi Minh City), production activities, construction works, and the

  • Hoi Quan Essay

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    Trung Nguyen coffee is the most famous coffee brand in Vietnam and it is asserting itself on the international coffee market. “Hoi Quan Thanh Nien Sang Tao”, which is in the Trung Nguyen coffee chain, has become a familiar destination of youth as well as the middle-aged by the ideal green space. The aim of this report is to illustrate Trung Nguyen’s progress and Hoi Quan’s amazing features. It represents community market, marketing target and marketing 4P of Hoi Quan. To encourage “Hoi Quan Thanh

  • Argumentative Essay: The Vietnam War

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    French. The Vietnamese were trying to free themselves from a French colony. The Vietnamese leader was Ho Chi Minh, a Communist, so he received support from USSR and Red China. The French left Vietnam, so there was a peace conference in Geneva attended by France, Vietnam, the USSR, and the U.S. The peace conference achieved Vietnam being split in half temporarily, the North is communist led by Minh and the South is democratic led by Diem. Diem said Communists were attacking his government, which alerted

  • Characteristics Of Guerrilla Warfare In Vietnam War

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    Guerilla Warfare: A Case in Vietnam War Introduction During the Napoleonic Wars, the term “Guerrilla Warfare” emerged as the main phenomenon that lead the interest of various thinkers such as Clausewitz, Marx and Engels to examine its importance in war. ‘Guerrilla’ means “little war”, which explain a type of warfare, fought by irregulars in a fast-paced, small scale actions against military groups and police forces. The word “guerrilla” came from “guerrilleros” which referred to Spanish and Portugese

  • Vietnam War Dbq Analysis

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    The Vietnam War The war in Vietnam was an enduring struggle for independence that lasted twenty years. After being colonized and controlled by Japan, France, and China, Vietnam was ready to revolutionize and gain their independence. Once Ho Chi Minh, the new leader of Vietnam, adopted communism the United States became more worried about Soviet aggression. A communist Vietnam meant that neighboring countries could fall to communism through a theory called the domino theory. As the war began the United

  • Vietnam War Events

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    They even had to “attack an isolated French Military outpost in the town of Dien Bien Phu. The attempt to take the outpost lasts two months...vietnam is split into north and south…”(bbc.com). On July 8, 1959, two military advisors were killed by Viet Minh Guerrilla soldiers, which resulted in the first American deaths reported in Vietnam. In May 1961, Lyndon B. Johnson visits South Vietnam to offer military and economic assistance. In 1961, Guerrilla fighters kill 4,000 South Vietnamese officials.

  • Domino Theory Vietnam War

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    America’s involvement in the Vietnam War can be explained by a series of events and decisions taken from around 1939 to 1965. The falling Domino principle is a wide accepted explanation that urged the U.S. to support the French in the Franco-Vietminh war, and eventually, after France’s withdraw, increased its involvement. This investigation will examine the Domino theory, the context and other accepted interpretations from historians, in order to answer the question of to what extent the domino theory

  • Reunification Day

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    At the time, the leader of the North was Ho Chi Minh and the leader of the South was Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem. The Geneva Conference was held in 1954 to settling issues amongst nations regarding the Korean War and the First Indochina War2. The meeting agreed to hold a democratic elections with an international supervisor in 1956 to select the leader of the Vietnam and unify the country. However, the meeting did not happen. Ho Chi Minh formed his Viet Minh communist union in a cave near China’s

  • Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Jam Report

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    particularly Ho Chi Minh City, tackling traffic congestion is a controversial issue at many sessions of the National Assembly and the People's Council of Ho Chi Minh City. It was conservatively estimated that in 2010, congestion delays caused approximately $753 million, including some factors such as annual hours delay for commuters, excess fuel consumption, vehicles running costs and traffic participants' stress. This report focuses on finding out the current congestion situation in ho Chi Minh City, clarifying

  • Media's Role In The Vietnam War

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    VIETNAM FACT SHEET Vietnam holds a close relationship to the Domino Theory, at least in America’s eyes around the 1950s. The Domino Theory is presumably what the U.S. government used as justification for their involvement in the Vietnam War, stemming from our support for a non-communist dictatorship in South Vietnam. The Tet Offensive was a collaborate decision between the North Vietnamese soldiers to attack more than a 100 cities and outposts in South Vietnam. Led by North Vietnamese military