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“What do These Sources have to say about the Origins, Nature, Course or Consequence of the Vietnamese Revolution?”
During 1945 Vietnam was in a time of true change which needed to come, there was massive unrests due to famine and unemployment, and with the Japanese surrender and the end of the World War, that time had finally come. The Viet Minh had waited a long time for the opportunity to secure the country for the Vietnamese people and gain their independence, it took fifteen days and on 2nd September Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence. This was not to last, since Indochina was about to become a front line for the Cold War. There are many primary sources, especially these discussed, which help give insight into the origins, nature, course or consequences of the “August Revolution”, but when discussing these sources you must not take them at face value, you must bring it into context with the massive changes happening at this time in the world, like the end of the World War and the heating up of the Cold War.
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We will never know what would off been, with the untimely death of Roosevelt and the reactions of an unexperienced Truman. Truman’s government feared soviet expansion which saw the ‘identification of Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh as tools of Moscow’ . This lead to Truman’s policies of keeping strong friendship with other western powers at a time of communist expansion, especially with the French who he helped supply. This decision to turn a blind eye to the future of Indochina would set apart the revolutions ideology and focus just on the communist aspect; which would set course for the future and end with the devastation of not only a country but the losses of 50,000 American lives all at the expense of reducing the expansion of

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