Was Us Involvement In Vietnam Justified Dbq Analysis

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Was US involvement in Vietnam Justified?
US involvement in Vietnam was to large extent unjustified. Even though the United States. Even though the United States, and other western countries, alleged that American involvement in Vietnam was morally justified (Source B)
Furthermore, United States’ support in Vietnam was initially supposed to be limited to training support (source A). As even United States president, Lyndon Johnson, was aware of the potential escalation of the war in Vietnam if American military forces were to involve themselves in the Vietnamese conflict. President Johnsons statement that “… we could get tied down in a third world war” (source A) substantiates the idea that America feared the worldwide consequence of American support in Vietnam (Source A). Contrary to this however, …show more content…

However, in a letter sent by the USSR to America shows the Soviet Union’s desire to reach some sort of a treaty stating that “… be coupled with the conclusion of a peace treaty.” (Source L)
Likewise, the focused military action by, at that time, the strongest military force in the world on Vietnam, a much smaller, much poorer country. (Source I). The economic resources spent on the Vietnam War by the United States, could have funded a humanitarian effort to provide basic human rights to those affected by the civil conflict. (Source I). In addition, B-52 bombings and Napalm bomb use in Vietnam would have detrimental effects on Vietnam, which are still being felt today (Source G).
America’s stronger military strength would also escalate the Vietnam War, leading to 58202 deaths (Source F). In addition, American backing of the detested Diem and his regime (Source K) is seen to have attributed to the unrest leading to the Vietnam War. (Source

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