Communism In The Giver

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The Giver Literature essay I have read the dystopian novel “The Giver” (1993) which is written by the beloved American author Lois Lowry. “The Giver” is about a twelve-year-old boy with the name Jonas. Jonas lives a similar life as all the others in the community, until the Ceremony of Twelve when he got assigned the task as the Receiver of Memory. As The Receiver of Memory it is Jonas’ task to keep all the memories of the past so not everyone needs to keep this burden. Although Jonas received beautiful memories with a lot of colors and happiness he also felt grief, pain and anger. The Giver and Jonas were tired of being the only ones who have to keep the memories and feel the pain. Therefore, does Jonas leave the community so the memories will bit by bit, come back to the citizens of the community. Firstly, I would point out that the community in “The Giver” has a lot of resemblance with the political ideology we call communism. When we look at the history of the word, Karl Marx’s ideology has been an inspiration to a lot of political party’s throughout the centuries, for instance communism. Communism builds on the idea that everyone is the same and should earn the same amount of money regardless of their profession. The most important with communism is that there should not be any class distinctions. China, Laos, Cuba and Vietnam …show more content…

This is a typical family in our society as well. In Jonas’ society they do not live with their birthparents, but this are more and more normal in our society today. The parents in Jonas’s community are matched together by the Elders. The Elders analyzes the people who search for a mate, and sets together cupules who has the same interest and can fit echoers personalities and skills. This seems kind of weird for us, but it is not far from the way people in our society finds each other today. People sign up on online dating sites to find love and a partner to make a family

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