Life Is Meaningless Without Memory In The Giver

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Is life meaningless without memories?in The Giver,By Lois Lowry, Jonas lives in a perfect society but the Giver is the only one with memories of the past.The Giver helps them to remember feeling and the past. Life is meaningless without memories because they help you remember important parts of the past. Life would be boring and there would be no real relationships. Memories help you remember the important parts of the past. Without memories, you forget things like war and violence. On page 125 of The Giver it says, “He could hear noises: the sharp crack of weapons. He perceived the word guns.” Without the memory of guns he would not know what a gun was and what he could do. Furthermore without memories, you can not make responsible decisions. On page 130 of The Giver explained that the Committee of Elders comes to him for advice because he has memories. Jonas asks if they ask for advice often and the Giver says, “Rarely. Only when they are faced with something they have not experienced before.” Without memories, Jonas can not make decisions because he has very little experience. Memories help you remember the past and help you make decisions. …show more content…

Without memories, you would not be able to see color. On page 31 in The Giver it says, “but there was something unusual about this apple.” he held a magnifying glass to it and tossed it in the air a few times. He was seeing the apple change the Giver calls it seeing-beyond The reason The Giver knew about that was because only Jonas and he can see color. Now he understands why Fiona thought something was wrong with him. Also, without memories, you wouldn’t know what music was. The Giver states life is meaningless without music on page 197 it says, “it wasn’t seeing beyond it was hearing beyond for me.” said The Giver. Life would be pretty boring without music because music gives you personality and fun. Without memories, life would be

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