The Giver Dbq Analysis

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Have you ever wondered if there could possibly be a community where no one has any idea of normal everyday things? Well then the Giver is just one example. The Giver has a long history, and it all started with Lois Lowry’s dad and how he forgot his memory of any bad thing and Lois Lowry started thinking what a Community would be like without any painful memories and she came up with The Giver. The Giver revolves around a young boy named Jonas who was chosen to be the new Receiver of Memory which is the highest honor in his community. While Jonas is training he gets all of the memories that everyone else in the community has and then starts to think why can’t other people have these memories he then comes up with a plan to escape the community …show more content…

In Document E no one has any memories of color which is one of the reasons of why Jonas was so upset about because since there was no color in the community people couldn’t decide. This also builds on the idea that people have no freedom because they don’t even get memories of color, they don’t get memories of feelings, they don’t get memories of anything besides what the community lets them know. The idea of them having no memories is also told in Document B where the Giver tells Jonas how he has to hold all of the painful memories and soon he will to. The other people in the community have no idea of any of these memories and sure some of the people who say that this could be good because they are protecting the people from anything painful, but this is also bad because that is the problem without them knowing what hurting yourself is they think they can do most things like jump off of high ledges or other cases where it will end in harm. Since they don’t know what pain is they wouldn’t know what hurts them and they will probably end up living dangerous lives just how they don’t know that release is actually where they kill

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