How Does The Community Promote Sameness In The Giver

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Giver Essay “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is about a boy, Jonas who has been chosen to be the receiver of memory in his community. The elders see Jonas as their next receiver of memory because he has the intelligence, courage, honesty, kindness, and curiosity, These traits help him gain the position of receiver of memory. The Giver is one of the smartest elders in the community is the only one with Jonas who has the memories. The memories were kept by the two people because the community couldn’t handle them so only the two people have to feel the pain and happiness in the memories. The community also eliminates the freedom of choice from the people because the elders decide everything for the people who live there. They also promote sameness because everything is …show more content…

If there was no sameness then the community would be a mess. It is because if a person chooses their spouse wrong then they will have to live with them for the rest of their lives. It is also the same when getting a job, if they pick their own jobs and they pick bad then they’ll be stuck with that job until their death. The elders think that sameness is good but Jonas is not happy. Jonas thinks that all people should have their own voice so that they can decide what they can do. He believes that people should be able to the the real world with different colors and organisms. In the community everything is the same even the colors. That is why people don’t notice Fiona’s red hair but Jonas does because he received the memories from the Giver. “The Giver” shows a life of not having the freedom of choice. The story also shows the life of sameness and being directed to do everything that the people are told to do. The boy Jonas gets a very high ranking spot and receives memories from the past and future so that he can get out of the dreaded community where everything is the same and the people cannot see

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