Compare And Contrast The Giver And Society

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The Giver Compare/Contrast Essay When some people hear the words ‘perfect society’ what do they think of? Take a look at our society, then take a look at Jonas’s society, between our two societies there are some comparisons and a vast amount of differences. For instance, the rules are different, as well as their family units and their individuality.While our society is more on the modern side, Jonas’s society is plainer. When it comes to the rules in our society, we don’t normally think of rules that are very extreme. For instance, in The Giver, if someone made three mistakes they would be released. “The rules say that if there’s a third transgression, he simply has to be released”(Lowry 9).In our society, if we made three mistakes, we would probably get in some type of trouble, but we would more than likely not be sentenced to death.Even our school systems work differently than theirs. “The classes were the same: language and communications; commerce and industry; science and technology; civil procedures and government.But during the breaks for recreation periods and the midday meal, the other new twelves were abuzz with descriptions of their first day of training”(Lowry 89). This was an example of how they do not change their classes until their training begins. There was another rule for when someone disrupted their class, that they would have to deliver an apology phrase to their class, and then the class had to say that they accepted their apology.For example, Asher

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