Examples Of The Perfect Society In The Giver

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Imagine living in a perfect society. No pain, everyone is equal, and perfect laws that every person follows. Now imagine being exactly like every other person with all your daily choices being made by someone else for you. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, this is exactly how they are living. The author writes about how Jonas’ perfect society is not so perfect after all. There is no troubles, pain and inequality but there is also no love, choice or individuality. Everyone is the exact same person. People need there differences to be who they are, otherwise what is the point in living if it means nothing special? Although an utopian society seems perfect with equality and peace, everything has its faults even in if considered perfect such as loss of individuality and choice as in societal ideas like birthday celebrations, being assigned a family and having others choose your time of death. Although in our society, anyone can get opportunities to make their life great and can prevent some pain from entering their life like physical or heartbreak, but everyone loses someone they love and that’s something no one is able to control. Everyone has to bear the pain and learn to live without them knowing they can never be replaced, but not in Jonas’ society. Since there is no love, no one knows how to care for others who have passed or been ‘released’, “He pushed the plunger very slowly, injecting the liquid into the scalp, vain until the syringe was empty.” (Lowry 149). Before

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