Examples Of Social Norms In The Giver

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Weather it comes to saying “hi” to an employee when you walk into a store,close the door behind you when you walk out of a room, or even simply washing your hands after using the restroom, society, stereotypes, and the media can mold and shift your ideas, morals, and opinions rapidly. For example in the novel “The Giver”it illustrates that Jonas the protagonist lives in this somewhat “perfect” community where there are no mistakes (tolerated) and no emotion other than happiness. However, one may disagree and say “social norms help us and teach us new things”. In reality the “teaching” could be something bad but no one would know because they are already blinded by their previous words and are clueless. In Jonas's Community they live in …show more content…

Furthermore, going back to the novel “Percy Jackson And The Olympians The Lightning Thief” in my previous essay for Percy jackson i mentioned how Percy jackson became full of himself after finding out he is the son of Poseidon, (me) saying this “In chapter one Percy jackson is all to himself and does not try to “cause” any trouble. As it states on page 5 “ ‘Mr Jackson,’ he said ‘did you have a comment?’ My face was totally red. I said ‘No sir’. In this part of the novel ( the beginning) Percy is shy and timid and once again all to himself. But once he discovers his power to the “full” ability he becomes more aggressive, since he had defeated his enemy in a game of “capture the flag” and Poseidon claimed Percy as his own son he had more violent thoughts”. Confirming my point because, In most greek myths the Gods, Demigods, etc. are seen as powerful and great and …show more content…

In the novel “The Giver” chapter 9 when Jonas is reading his requirements for his assignment he sees that he may lie and he cannot help himself but wonder “ What if other adults had, upon becoming Twelves received the same sentence,what if they all had been instructed ‘you may lie’. This shows that societal rules can change mindsets because, in the beginning of the novel “ The Giver” we have a look on how people's lives are constantly controlled even their dreams called “stirrings”, so i the beginning Jonas is already aware of the rules that are set and has no doubt about the way they run things. Then as soon as he gets his assignments and has a look at the rules and questions the system and himself and slowly finds out the truth when not even noticing yet. To add on in the film “Up” a little boy named Russell goes to the older man’s front door (Carl Fredricksen) and asks him if he needed any help or work to do so he can get a badge, Carl continues to say no and brush him away but Russell continuously knocks on his door until Carl finally gives in. In this (our) situation Russell represents society and Carl represents us/humans society and the media are constantly trying to persuade us up until that breaking point where we have no choice but to give in. Both of these pieces of evidence show exactly how small problems become bigger and bigger or how society’s pressure can deeply affect

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