Examples Of Societal Rules In The Giver

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Ruben Rodriguez Ela-Essay #1 Mrs.Ganzert 4-7-23 Do societal rules affect humans in a good or bad way? How do societal rules help or hurt us? Societal rules harm us in many ways. Dystopia is a place that has chaos and destruction while utopia is a perfect place that can not exist. However, societal rules benefit humans such as not letting the world go to chaos and destruction. Yet societal rules give no emotions, no freedom, and we will not be able to enjoy new experiences . Thus, societal rules harm us. Societal rules give no feeling of what emotion is. In the novel, “ The Giver” Jonas community the people are not allowed to show emotions because it is against the rules of the community. If people do not express their emotions people will not be able to understand how the people are or act like. Furthermore, In the novel “The Giver” Jonas community has no color. The community is only black and white which means no emotions are expressed in the community. Due to this rule it does not let people express themselves like they want to. People not being able to not express their emotions means no freedom to them because they would not be able to act or feel like the way they want to be. …show more content…

In the novel, the “The Giver” Jonas once said, “What if we could hold up things that were bright red and bright yellow, and he could choose? Instead of sameness.” Jonas is saying what if we were able to make our own choices instead of choosing the same things everyday. While having to be no different from others. Moreover, in the novel “The Giver” people in the community are not allowed to make choices while elders are the ones who make the decisions in the community. The people in the community have no freedom of will to make choices they want. Humans should be allowed to make choices they want cause it is their life. People will not be able to choose if they want new experiences in

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