The Giver Body Paragraphs

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(AGG) Stephen Richards once said “The anti-hero has played an important role in the history of mankind, so much so that the whole ethos of what is good and bad has become blurred”. (BS-1) In the beginning of The Giver, Jonas was a brainwashed member of society. (BS-2) He begins to question his community as he sees its broken connections. (BS-3) He then realizes the truth about his society and fully rejects it. (TS) The loss of connection drives Jonas to become an antihero and reject society.

Body Paragraphs:
(MIP-1): Jonas was originally a conformed member of society who obediently followed its commands. (SIP-A): He puts all of his faith and trust into his community. (STEWE-1): Jonas is very surprised by the fact that Caleb …show more content…

(STEWE-1): The topic of release was brought up at the dining table. After witnessing many flaws in society Jonas wanted to learn about release and its critical importance. Jonas’s father, a nurturer, gave a calm and soothing speech about releasing newborn babies: “I weigh them, hand the larger over to a nurturer who's standing by, waiting, and then I get the smaller one all cleaned up and comfy. Then I perform a small Ceremony of Release and--" He glanced down, grinning at Gabriel. ‘Then I wave bye-bye,’ he said, in the special sweet voice he used when he spoke to the newchild”(136-137). The next day, after discussing about Rosemary and the concept of release, The Giver showed Jonas a video tape of the release that his father had just performed. Jonas' reactions were not so subtle as before: “He killed it! My father killed it! Jonas said to himself, stunned at what he was realizing. He continued to stare at the screen numbly”(150). Jonas was shocked to see his father murder a newborn child. He did not expect this much carelessness in his society. His father had lied to him about what he does during a newborn release. This evidently means that Jonas’s fears had come true: anyone could lie and nobody would know when somebody did. This event caused Jonas to separate from society entirely. (STEWE-2): Minutes after the video recording, Jonas was furious and angry at his father. Even though The Giver tried to calm him down, he was still shocked that his father had lied to him and killed a newborn baby. He had numerous thoughts stirring in his head, especially about Fiona. Jonas then asks The Giver about Fiona’s feelings and emotion as she witnesses the process of release. The Giver's response tore Jonas’s heart: “‘Fiona is already being trained in the fine art of release,’ The Giver told him. ‘She's very

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