The Giver Social Rules Essay

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“Social norms create an organized and connected society” said Liam Stepha. Mr. Stepha is trying to show that social rules like driving on the right side of the road keep our society organized and connected. In the novel, “The Giver” there is a community where there is an overwhelming amount of social rule, which results in the community being organized and connected. Societies having social rules results in an increased quality of life, all individuals are connected, and they allow communication. Yet, when communicating and connecting there is bound to be rejection which can result in violence and retaliation. Social rules improve society's overall well being.

Social norms like sports and outdoor activities in modern society improves physical …show more content…

Correspondingly, in today's society social rules including recces have the same result of individuals being physically more fit and mentally satisfied. Moreover, social rules can help connect and let one express themselves.

The novel depicts a social rule called “Dream Telling” performed by most of the community in which the citizens confess all their dreams to one another. Furthermore, this ritual helps one’s connect and express themselves, which helps them feel more free and safe. In modern day society there are social rules that help us connect and express ourselves like when one asks how one’s day is, when that person responds they are connecting and expressing themselves. Social can also allow communication between one and other.

“Communication is the key to success,” said Ruth Anne Powell. While communication is key to success, social norms are key to communication. The novel illustrates a setting where at dinner time everyone present confesses their emotions that day and everyone else tries to persuade them to have positive emotions instead of angry or sad emotions. As well as, in modern society most business owners communicate with each other when making large changes so the company can stay organized and efficient. Thus, social rules and norms improve our overall mental and physical well

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