Society And Social Issues In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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INTRODUCTION Society is a collection of people that influences individual’s life and behavior. It is generally the groups of people that are complying with the same rules and laws that allows them to live altogether. All over the world, talks about society and its issues that are prominent and inevitable. This paper intends to presents different points about social issues. Through sociological perspective, we can view the society by the way it was set up and how it affects us. This paper consists of four different points or section that I saw in the movie that displays social issues and can be compared on how society works in real life. The first section in this paper discusses about the controlling administration which countenances the actions of a person. The second section which is euthanasia shows a system of emitting life when a society observed a single person as functionless.The third section explains how a family became a part of impersonal social group. The last section studies about material and non material culture and the effects of its limitations. The Giver by Lois Lowry is a movie that depicts a perfect societyprotected from the truth behind the history by eliminating things such as hatred, pain, hunger, etc. This is about a man who is chosen to discover things and see the memories of the past. It features a society with great control among the citizens and the manipulation in the people living in the society, where they are always under surveillance in

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