Metamorphosis By Kafka

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Society, a seven letter word that seems to be the scapegoat for the problems of humanity. Maybe because humans are society and humanity is blaming itself, or maybe because humans need to believe that they are not part of a pointless world, in which no one person can become important. Either way you look at it, society is humans, and humans are society. Kafka pulls at the idea that society is awful in his short story Metamorphosis. In this story an average member of society, Gregor Samsa, wakes up as a beetle. His story shows many of the struggles of humankind and how they never go away. The main theme of Metamorphosis is that societal values are distorted, and that we work in jobs that conform us until we don’t remember who we used to be. …show more content…

He didn’t think anything of it at first. He was angry that he hadn’t woken up early enough to get to the train and get to work, and did not even acknowledge he was a giant bug. Continually throughout the story he is pretty negative towards life and his job, but never to himself. The negativity isn’t caused by self-hatred or depression, but more because of his job consuming his life and becoming the only thing he cared about. This is relatable of most humans today. When kids are young they go to school. School preps them for their future job, and that future job is what provides for the family that the child will have later in life, because that is what society tells them they should be. Society does not give people the choice, because society’s values are so

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