The Giver Dystopian Essay

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Dystopian control Jonas has two options, stay in the community or go elsewhere and release all the memories. In the Giver by Lois Lowry, it ultimately is cruel to create a utopian society by limiting the freedom of the people in the society by taking children away from their mothers, suppressing emotions, and forced to participate in the community. In The Giver, all the children get chosen for a job during the twelve ceremonies. Furthermore, the government chooses young girls to be birth mothers. Some believe that having the government pick jobs would be good since no one would be in poverty, but this is wrong because the people in the community do not get to pick their job. "How could someone not fit in? The community was so meticulously ordered, the choices so carefully made." (48, Lowry). By not allowing them to pick their job, the government is not giving the community the freedom to choose their jobs and not allowing them to try different jobs and experience new things. In the Giver, all citizens must take pills to …show more content…

Birthmothers are the women in the community that provide the community with children. Each woman must give birth to three children. "Three births, and that's all. After that, they are Laborers for the rest of their adult lives, until the day that they enter the House of the Old." Many compare being a birth mother to rape and the rov. Wade case in the real world. (—Aimee Arrambide). Some may say that the community can avoid overpopulation by controlling the birth rate. However, the women in these communities are not volunteering; they are getting picked in the twelve ceremonies. In rov. Wade congress made abortion illegal. Nererless many women need abortion rights. In addition, if the government lets the state decide and it gets banned, many women cannot get abortions and do an illegal procedure or go out of state to get

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