The Giver Vs Our Society Essay

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Is Jonas’s society different than ours? Utopian (N) an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The key word there is ‘imagined’ as we haved learned in The Giver that not everything can be perfect; it 's just limiting the being of a human. By having such limitations, the people can’t hold their memories, can’t see color, and the government chooses their family. Jonas’s society is vastly different than ours in various ways. Jonas’s society is extremely different than the one we live in today.The first difference between The Giver and our society is the number of family members. In the book they can only have two kids, one boy and one girl; however, in America we are free to have as many kids as we would want. The second …show more content…

One of the major differences is that we can pick our husband/wife and where we live. We can also have your own kids and raise them where we want and not have the government give us kids from birth mothers. Another big difference is that we can die naturally, but in The Giver they can 't they have to be ‘released to Elsewhere’, which we learned means that they get injected with poison to kill them.”They haven 't eliminated murder they just call it by different name”Jonas told the giver. He 's trying to say it’s wrong for the elders to be put to death and not be able to die naturally. The last extreme change is that we have emotions, feelings and we can see color, Jonas’s society is so much about equality that they don 't want anyone to be different or they fear that the people will have the power to chose what they want to do. Today 's society and Jonas’s have some similarities. Such as, in both children are given comfort objects to help them through rough times. Well just like in The Giver all children go to school in our country too. Another similarity is in The Giver people are punished from chimes just like us today. In The Giver memories last forever they do today to, but people hold onto them not two people. “If you were lost in the river Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you memories are

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