Rulebreakers In The Giver

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The Giver Essay Jonas lives in a communist society where memories from the past don 't take place. His community is a hypocritical disaster, the elders break their own rules that they came up with, they take away color and don 't even tell anyone about the occurrence, and worst of all their own rule adherence worker breaks many of their rules, multiple times. Jonas 's society is full of rulebreakers and liers, and for their own sake are also hypocrites. First, The elders. Obviously the elders know what the outside world is like, they’ve been in this community the longest after all. They keep secrets from the society which is breaking one of the stronger rules, no lying. To begin, there is an elder named Larissa, she broke the …show more content…

Jonas and the giver discuss the appearance of color in Jonas 's life, and how he 's different from the rest of the community. But the community doesn 't even know color exists. “Once, back in the time of the memories, everything had a shape and size, the way things still do, but they had the quality of color” (119). Only the elders, Jonas, and the giver know what 's up. Fiona had red hair and human scientists,who also knew what was going on, had hated that. They wanted everyone to have a characteristic of sameness, well not a characteristic, that 's just what they call it. “We 've never really mastered sameness, I suppose the genetic scientists are still hard at work. Hair like Fiona 's must drive them crazy” (120). This implies that there is a committee of elders working on the “flaws” of the community. This example makes clear that they indeed are lying about everything, mainly about how they don 't know about …show more content…

With elders breaking their own rules that they 've enforced, taking away color and lying about the occurrence, and the society 's own rule enforcement person breaking the rules too Jonas 's society is a hypocritical disaster. A communist society was never a good idea and that 's why the people are

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