Examples Of Perfect Society In The Giver

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To what extent can a perfect society be possible? In the novel The Giver the society was established to be a utopian world but, ended up becoming not so perfect after all with terrible things hiding underneath the surface. Modern day society is far from perfect; however, it does have some similarities with Jonas´ home along with many differences. In today's society we pride ourselves on having the freedom to choose our own lifestyle. Lois Lowry created a society in The Giver where having the choice to pick your own job or way of living is unheard of. Citizens in this dystopian society get jobs assigned to them at the age of twelve and are expected to be mature enough to handle everything that comes along with it. This sounds very unusual to us, though in their society they have this preconceived …show more content…

Everyone's life was closely watched to avoid having them make errors. Errors in the community meant that they were not as perfect as they thought and they could not afford for someone to figure out this was so. One of the main things that founders built our society on was freedom, this includes the freedom of speech, the press, religion, and the right to petition the government along with having the freedom to peacefully assemble. These freedoms were definitely not found in The Giver´s book of rules but, they did have the freedom to pick where they did their volunteer

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