Examples Of Diversity In The Giver

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Stop, think about this for a moment. You are in a community that cannot see color, has no feelings, no choices to be made on your own, and no diversity between each other. How would you feel? Jonas, a twelve year old boy and the Giver have to live in this community knowing all this. As they live in this futuristic dystopian community they share memories of the past and what is elsewhere. Choice, diversity, and feelings could change the Giver community and make it a more positive place. Choice would make the Giver community more positive. One detail that supports this answer on page 94, “That was before we went to sameness. Flesh is all the same.” This detail shows choice is needed because if you don’t choose what you want you can’t create personality and you fall into sameness. Another detail that supports this on page 15-16, “So I expected it, and I was pleased but not at all surprised, when my assignment was announced as nurturer.” This detail shows choice is important because if you are assigned to a job your whole life you should choose yourself or it would cause you to go insane doing a bad job you whole life. To make the Giver community a more positive place it should have choice. If the Giver community had diversity it would become more positive. One example that proves this answer on …show more content…

Choice is very important because without choice you could never have likings or perspectives, you would be forced into sameness and controlled. Diversity is needed in the Giver community because the way we look, the way we talk, and the way we do things make us a special individual. Feelings are also needed in the Giver community because if we had no feelings we would not care or love for anyone and we could not feel empathy for each other. These three things, feelings, choice, and diversity would make the Giver community a more positive

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