Comparing The FBI Swat's Special Weapons And Tactics

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If you have ever wanted to know what the most elite version of police in the United States is? If so it is the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Special Weapons and Tactics (FBI Swat).What is the FBI Swat?The FBI Swat is a Swat team managed and operated by the FBI and can operate nationwide in a plethora of situations ranging from hostage situations to sieging a terrorist compound.

This group is not the only Special weapons and Tactics team, there are several teams per state.A lot of local police departments have some of their officers doubling up as both regular cops and Swat members to handle most situations. Even though there are a large amount of Swat teams the FBI Swat is the best trained,best equipped,and best payed. FBI Swat is very effective at completing their mission.They have a high success rate for their operations.They have a type of explosives that is designed to blow open holes to allow entry inside a room.They can rappel to gain entry into windows that are above the ground floor by either …show more content…

The amount of training is so extensive to have and keep that most members are usually on the team for a few years.The first part of the fitness test is two pull ups with hands facing outward wearing all of the gear which is around twenty five (25) pounds.The second part is an obstacle course that is in total eight hundred and eighty (880) yards,two laps around a four hundred and forty (440) yard oval track,at the two hundred and twenty (220) yard mark you must slalom between cones for forty (40) yards.At the end of the first lap you must carry a victim ten (10) yards weighing between one hundred and seventy five (175) and two hundred and twenty five (225) pounds,The second part needs to be completed in four minutes and forty five seconds (4 minutes,45 seconds).The third part is a dash starting in the prone position and running forty (40) yards in seven point seven (7.7) seconds while carrying an unloaded Remington 870

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