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Say the SWAT team came breaking down your door and force handcuffs on you, what would you do? This very thing happened to Cornilius Anderson otherwise known as "Mike Anderson," performed an armed robbery and was supposed to be booked into jail when the state never came to pick him up to be sent to prison. Thirteen years had passed when he was gone out of his cell, when the state came to release him. Mike was a good man, he became a law abiding citizen. He payed his taxes, got married and coached one of his son 's football team, he also was an entrepreneur for a new job. Mike was surprised the SWAT team came to his house and put handcuffs on him when the police asked, where were you thirteen years ago. Mike realised that he had performed an armed …show more content…

Dennis, the person who was robbed that night urged that, "It 's not Mike 's fault for the state messing up it 's the state 's fault." Finally, in this paragraph I will be talking about why it is the state 's fault for this happening to Mike. Sure Mike did wrong and should have gone to jail, but when the prison can 't keep up with who is going to jail and not that 's on them. Mike rearranged his life and became a good person. He started raising a family and had his own business. When the SWAT team and the police come barging through his door and yelling, "You now need to come with us you are being booked in jail," that just isn 't right. First off, if the state is going to come thirteen years after he had received a new life, and take him to jail would force his family to go through more struggles than they already have had. That would make it their fault and therefore he should not go back to jail because the state couldn 't figure out how to book him in jail. Say Mike goes to jail he will be there a nother thirteen years and won 't be able to raise his kids, run his business to take care of the needs of his co-workers, and have a normal life. In the end Mike should not go back to jail because it 's the state 's wrongdoing to not account for Mike and take him to jail.

Mike told his wife, "It 's hard to think that I am going to be here for thirteen years now." In conclusion, Mike should not go to jail because he became a good man, and now has a wife and kids he needs to take care of. His business would also be no more because he would not be able to run it, and it 's the state 's fault for not booking Mike

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