The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Of Bonaparte's Enemies: A History Of The FBI

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The FBI changed the game when it came to be in the early twentieth century. The Bureau of Investigation was founded in 1908 by Attorney General Charles Bonaparte. It started with only thirty four men that were former secret service agents that were brought together by Bonaparte. They changed the view in the government and on local police forces. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is more than just police. Ever since they started on July 26, 1908 they have had more power and a greater jurisdiction than the police. In Enemies: A History of the FBI by Tim Weiner Bonaparte states that Attorney General Bonaparte had to promise to Congress that the Bureau would not be a secret. On May 27, 1908 the House said no because presidents before used agents …show more content…

There were many spies in the United States from Germany during the start of World War 1.(Weiner 13) President Wilson stated many things about spies influencing Americans and being with in Americans. There could have been many spies in the United States and in the agency. Hoover had thousands of agents and informants in the FBI. At such a young age “He could call for the arrest of almost anyone he chose.” (Weiner 13) The federal government listed almost fifteen hundred Germans in America and about one hundred were quickly put behind bars. Hoover kept an eye on the rest of the Germans because they were seen as potential threats.(Weiner 14) Under the Espionage Act of 1917 the Bureau launched a nationwide surveillance program to find information that could harm America. Anyone caught with this type of information would be put in a cell or sentenced to death. Armed forces and local police competed in the tail chase to catch spies in the United States. Some months later dynamite was being sent to political leaders through the mail. Many of them were sent to the politicians who passed the Anarchists Exclusion Act. This led to the conspiracy of political murder in the United States. The major targets were John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. The Anarchists that were arrested and deported were the Italians and the Immigration commissioner was targeted for this. Agents from FBI were even targeted for arresting the

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