Psy 315 Week 3 Part 3 Summary

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Part III: Application of Terms (6 points each = 24%)
Analepsis- The entire first chapter of Child 44 is an analepsis, or more commonly known as a flashback. This chapter takes the reader twenty years into the past in order to view what we later find out is Leo and his younger brother Andrei hunting a cat in the wild in order to feed their mother. Analepsis is also used in Child 44 when Leo is injected with a medicine in order to make him tell the truth. During this time Leo is forced to remember his childhood and when his “mother and father” kidnaped him in the forest to save their biological child, Leo.

Positivism and Historicism: These two terms would have been used frequently throughout Child 44. For example, positivism could be used …show more content…

Working with/for the FBI Crawford and Starling are required to use a more scientific way of thinking. For example, Clarice Starling’s first assignment is to talk to Dr. Lecter and observe him, after this observation Starling then experiments with the claims that Dr. Lecter makes and eventually decided if they were correct with what they anticipated. Specifically, when Dr. Lecter drops hints to Clarice about the valentines in Raspial’s car. Cartesian thinking would have been used when the FBI begins predicting the patterns of Jame Gumb’s killings, intuition would have been used to better understand clues and tendencies that Gumb would have …show more content…

It is often said that in order to solve crimes, the detectives must “get inside” the mind of the criminal. What does this mean to you? Describe at least two examples where we’ve seen this occur. How successful was the detective?
a. To “get inside” inside the mind of a criminal takes on two meanings for me, the literal one where the criminal (who tries to pursue the job of a detective) is thinking about the detective (who is the criminal in the eyes of the fugitive) and trying to piece together what the detective may or may not know. As well as the more figurative sense that the detective I trying to think like the criminal in order to more efficiently/efficiently solve the crime. In order for Leo to get into the mind of the killer in Child 44 Leo first tries to find a pattern in the killings he know about. After examining the killings, Leo learns that they follow a specific pattern that is along the train route, once Leo discovers this he figures that the killer has to have a jobs that allows him to travel. After more thinking and plotting Leo finds that the killer is, in fact, his brother. Similarly, Andrei (the killer) reveals at the end of the novel that he chose to kill these children with the same technique that he and Leo used to hunt for a cat approximately twenty years ago. By trying to replicate Leo and his hunt for the cat, Andrei hopes that Leo would remember and realize exactly who was doing the killings. Essentially, Andrei hopes that by replicating a childhood

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