Anthropology Questions

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Anthropology Questions:
1. Was this crime indicative of the beliefs, morals, and culture of the two aggressors?
2. Were there any scratch marks found on the victim? Were there any fingernails found at the scene of the crime?
3. Is there a specific indication as to why the crime was committed in such a harsh manner? Why was such excessive force used against an elderly man?
Psychology Questions:
1. Is at least one person involved in the crime able to feel guilty, remorseful, or fearful for their potential future in jail or the well-being of the victim? Will at least one perpetrator be able to successfully justify his actions?
2. Were each of the two men involved in the crime mentally unstable? Could this have been a factor as to why the crime was committed?
3. What was the motive behind the two perpetrators beating the virtually helpless 73-year old man? If they knew he was old and most likely weak, why didn’t they simply steal what they needed to, and evacuate the store? Was it a way of expressing some form of anger towards someone who they knew couldn’t fight back? …show more content…

This deals with the thoughts, intentions and reactions of criminals. This also includes all that partakes in the criminal behaviour. In comparison to anthropological criminology, psychology deals with everything that makes the criminal “tick”, as opposed to the physical evidence. The questions that I formed can easily be related to the article because they are thought-provoking, and they ask about the actual intentions and thought process related to the crime. All of my questions could explain why certain things happened that was stated in the article, including why cigarettes and money was stolen, why the crime was committed at 4:00 AM, and many more. I determined these questions by thinking about what professional profilers might ask if they were studying this crime as

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