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In the last twenty years, violence has increased leaving communities with the fear of what’s going to happen next. During the prime time news, we can get inform about what’s happening around the world. We hear about wars, violence, crime, murders, earthquakes, and other disasters around the world. Nowadays, TV shows and movies are more about crimes and violence, which are based on real life in some way. TV shows such as Criminal Minds represent the FBI team as brilliants investigators that capture skillful serial killers. The TV show Criminal minds portray serial killers of have been victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or mental illness. During the TV show criminal minds people can get a sense of how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) works, even though it is a little exaggerated how they seem to solve cases when on real life it takes months or even years. The Criminal Minds show, represent the FBI team as a group of investigators of various branches of criminology that dedicated …show more content…

The show dramatizes the lives of many real cases where the majority of viewers are familiar with. For example, many people know about the case of the Zodiac the serial killer, Robert Berdilla, one of the most aggressive, bloody and torturing assassins who used to take photographs of his horrifying acts, and many other cases which are narrated in this show. According to the author of the book “The forensic psychology of criminal minds” Ramsland mentions that, “in criminal minds, we see not only the activity of crime scene analysis and reconstruction variety of criminal psyches.” (8) On the show psychopathic murders are portray as cold-blooding, lacking of rumour, and emotionless. On an episode of criminal minds the “Zodiac killer” is depicted as person that was very calculated in the way he committed crimes. This serial killer send letters to the newspaper describing how he killed his

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